Come in and try our 24 hour coin operated vending area.  Unlike supermarket filling stations, all of our vended water is stored in stainless steel tanks and continuously recirculated through ultra-violet light. Sanitize your bottles free of charge, and choose your type of water. A cap vending machine and bill-changer are provided, so just bring in any kind of refillable bottle, and you can fill up any time of the day or night. Card access between 9pm and 6am. Carry out of your water is available during office hours.


***Fill-up 18L of Reverse Osmosis water for only $2 on Wednesdays***


Water type                      4 L                11 L             18 L


R.O. Demineralized     $1.00             $2.00          $3.00


R.O. Alkaline                 $1.00                                $3.50


Spring                             $1.25             $3.00         $4.50


Distilled                         $1.25             $3.00         $5.00


Right beside our vending room is our FASTFILL area which offers two bottle sanitizing stations and four water filling stations. Prices are the same as in our 24 hour vending area, although here you may also pre-pay for further discounts. Fast fill area is open Monday through Saturday from 9am to 4pm.



Fill up customers please note that you may sanitize your bottles free of charge at our environmentally friendly ozone rinse station in our 24 hour vending area. Once the cap has been removed, avoid handling the neck of full bottles.

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