Our Spring water is supplied by stainless steel tanker from Gold Mountain Springs. Their protected source is in Oro-Medonte Township, just west of Orillia, Ontario. We chose this water because of it’s exceptional taste and because it is extremely low in sodium and fluoride. The public is often over-exposed to both these elements, each of which can have serious negative health effects. Our spring water has moderate amounts of  alkaline minerals, including calcium, magnesium and potassium, which together give it a more subtle flavour compared to high-mineral waters. It is no wonder this water has become our most popular choice.




For those who like water which is “just H20”, our Distilled is the purest choice. Purified by a combination of carbon filtration and distillation (boiling the water and collecting the steam), this water is also popular for making tea, coffee, juice from frozen concentrate, and ice cubes. Our distillation process effectively removes contaminants such as fluoride, lead and aluminum. In addition, 97% of tri-halomethanes (chloroform etc.), which remain in municipal water as the result of chlorination, are removed.




Purified using carbon filtration, followed by reverse osmosis (R.O.) this water is almost identical to our Distilled water in purity, but at a lower cost. For those “going green”, R.O. Demineralized water requires the lowest energy input to produce. As a result, this is our most affordable water.




Many health experts now recommend drinking alkaline water. To produce this water we pass our regular R.O. water through an alkalizing filter where it picks up some calcium and magnesium giving it a PH of  about 10. Although this is a higher PH than our spring water, alkalized R.O. water may not be as effective in raising body PH as our naturally alkaline spring water, which contains about five times the mineral content.

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