11 Litre

18 Litre

We offer convenient delivery to homes and businesses in Peterborough and area. Our delivery area extends north to Buckhorn and Apsley, west to Port Perry and Uxbridge, south to Lake Ontario between Cobourg and Bowmanville, and east to Norwood. You may choose to have regular delivery every 2, 4, 6, or 8 weeks, or you may call for delivery prior to the scheduled delivery day for your area. Call today and see how easy it is to have water at your door!

*18L Spring or Distilled (minimum 4 per del.)    @   $9.00


*18L R.O. Demineralized (minimum 4 per del.)          8.00


**11L Spring or Distilled (minimum 4 per del.)           6.50


**11L R.O. Demineralized ( minimum 4 per del.)       6.00


*18L Bottle deposit (refundable)                                 10.00

**11L Bottle deposit (refundable)                                 5.00


We offer discounts on delivery of eight or more bottles at a time, call for details.

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